BLED FEST encourages musicians of all genres and backgrounds to apply and strives to display a diverse lineup in a welcoming atmosphere at our event. Acts that incite violence or support racist, classist, sexist, or other questionable ideals are asked to sit this one out. If you have any questions regarding any of these ideas, please, email us at the address above, and we’re happy to discuss!

To submit your act for consideration for the 2019 BLED FEST lineup, please email the following to with your band’s name and hometown in the subject line:

  • Artist Name:

  • Hometown:

  • Facebook Link:

  • Spotify Link:

  • Genre(s):

Include a short bio, a concise plan on how you’d help promote the festival, and a direct link to your single best song (preferably on YouTube or Bandcamp). Do NOT include attachments!

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