#FreeTicketFebruary is a contest we run every day in the month of February, where you get to use clues we provide to guess the band we’re announcing that day.  If you’re the first to get it right, you get one free, non-transferable, general-admission ticket to BLED FEST 2019.  There are some simple rules that must be followed below.

1.  Do NOT reply to @bledfest in your tweet.
2.  You must hashtag #FreeTicketFebruary
To clarify, your tweet should look like: “Metallica #FreeTicketFebruary“ and not ”@bledfest Metallica #FreeTicketFebruary”.  If you get this wrong, you will not win.  

1. Simply reply to the thread where the hint is given.  No hashtag is needed.  
2. Once the thread is closed, no more guesses will be accepted.  

3.  You may vote once per hint given.  If we’re on Hint #1, you get one guess.  Once we close the 1st round, you do not get a guess for round 1.  We move onto round 2, you get one guess for Hint #2.  If you come in late, you do not get more than one guess.
4.  We cannot see your tweets if you protect them.  
5.  Our say is final.  If there’s a discrepancy, nicely let us know.  This thing moves fast, and sometimes, we miss stuff, and we’ll always make up for it.  

If you are the winner, we’ll need you to DM us your full name (unless it’s obvious from your social profile), and you will be added to the guest list for the show.